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 5/28/12- BAKE SALE!

Who: The A2e Club President, VP, and most of the other members.

What: Brownies, Cookies, and other baked goods will be sold.

When: 12:00-2:45pm, 

Where: near the Alice in Wonderland Statue, Central Park.

Click HERE for directions

Why: It's a surprise charity! More info TBA later :) Come and find out!

4/19/12- We had a bake sale to raise awareness for AIDS, and we successfully donated $102 during the 2012 Aids Walk in New York City.

3/31/12- We helped out at the Trinity Baptist Church for their annual "Easter Celebration". We were in charge of hiding close to 1,000 plastic eggs and we helped the children dye eggs, paint butterfly decorations, and were part of setting up and cleaning up. It was a great feeling helping out! :)

 2/11/12- We had so much fun helping out/babysitting at the Trinity Baptist Church! We helped kids make Valentine's day cards for their parents, played Foosball, giant checkers, and watched Dolphin Tale.

11/19/11- We had an amazing bake sale for Pencils of Promise, and raised over $60 in two hours, despite the fact that it was freezing cold and 50% of our members couldn't make it. It was nevertheless a great opportunity to tell others about what PoP does, and how they help out. Visit www.PencilsofPromise.org  to find out more about them. Also, a huge thanks to Adam Braun for tweeting and supporting us!

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Welcome to the Official A2e Club Website!

 Welcome to the Anything to Everything (A2E) Club website!* This is the official website, where all context is entirely written and edited by the A2eClub members (like Jackie, Julia, Isabel and Gabriella, our board members).  

The A2E club is an organization that us, teens, created. We have bake sales and funraisers to raise money for different charities such as: The ASPCA, Earth Justice, Red Cross, St.Judes Hospital, Trinity NYC Church, Covenant Center, Andrew Grene Foundation, WorldVision, 30HourFamine and so many more, for different reasons like to save the earth, stop animal cruelty, help kids in Africa, help kids with cancer, help those in need, and anything that needs help in our world, whether it's a current, recent or ongoing issue in our city or all over the world, we are willing to help.  

  In the past, we have donated to the ASPCA, to help animals and to stop animal cruelty. We donated to Earth Justice, to help protect our amazing environment. We also donated to the Red cross, to help the Haiti Earthquake victims. We have also donated to the Trinity NYC Church, to help kids and families go through poverty in Rwanda, Africa. Recently we've donated to the St. Judes Hospital to help kids with Cancer. We have also made a personal visit to the Covenant Homeless Shelter in NYC, to deliver the money personally along with flyers and autographs.

         Our goal is to help the people in need and make the world a better place. This website has suggestions on what you can do to help us reach that goal, as well as other info about us.

          Leave us an email at A2eclub@gmail.com for any questions, suggestions, and comments for our website/club and we will reply as soon as possible!

          We need your help! Join us by giving us tips, suggestions, writing comments, to support us! And tell as many people as you know about our website/club, and be a fan of us on FACEBOOK., or follow us on TWITTER!

          If you would like to make any type of DONATION, please address any of our members at A2eClub@gmail.com. Thank you for your support!


*Can't read or understand? Would a foreign language be more convenient? Visit our Translate Website page, to view this website in another language. The A2eClub is dedicated to: Michael Jackson-For trying his best to make a difference to change the world, and to ALL of our worldwide supporters, because without them, we couldn't really do much or even anything at all. We are very lucky and thankful for all of our supporters, and thank you.

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